Gargle pedia salt rinse

Natural, Drug Free Relief for Your Child’s Dry Throat

Why does something as simple as gurgling water cure aching sore throats?

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), children average more colds per year than adults. Colds and a sore throat in kids is nothing new for parents. It’s one of the most frequent reasons they miss school.

Parents often seek sore throat relief with over the counter cold remedies. But many of these products are not recommended for children. And the ones that offer sore throat relief for kids may contain powerful drugs.

Doctors recommend a salt water rinse to relieve a sore throat. Kids can gargle with salt water to soothe the throat and cleanse the mouth. But because of the salty taste we made a special Pedia Gargle™ for children. Now you can easily soothe your child’s dry, irritated throat.

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Gargle Water™ Pedia Salt Rinse is Your Kid Friendly Way to Soothe the Throat

Why does something as simple as gurgling water cure aching sore throats?

Viruses that cause a sore throat spread through the air. And from close personal contact, especially at school. Though it’s painful to get a sore throat, kids will get better with time.

So your child suffers until the symptoms clear out. But you can sooth your child’s irritated throat with Pedia Gargle™. It naturally draws fluids from the mouth and throat to relieve painful infection. And it’s specially blended for children, with less saline so the kids won’t mind the taste.

Just have your child take a sip and gargle. Then swish around their teeth and gums and spit it out. It will soothe and moisturize their irritated throat.

Try These Tips from the CDC to Get Sore Throat Relief for Kids

● Soothe a sore throat with ice chips, sore throat spray, popsicles, or lozenges (do not give lozenges to young children)

● Use a clean humidifier or cool mist vaporizer

● Gargle with salt water

● Drink warm beverages

Gargling with salt water is not only recommended by the CDC, but also by doctors at the Mayo Clinic. It’s drug free and safe for a sore throat. Kids won’t mind gargling with natural Pedia Gargle™ because it has less salt than our adult formula.

It’s also pH balanced, drug free, alcohol free, and made with 100% purified water. Try the Original Gargle Water™ Pedia Salt Rinse. Get soothing relief for your child today!