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The Original Gargle Water®
Most Effective Salt Water Gargle for Dry, Irritated Throat

Kevin Harrington

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Gargling with salt water is the most effective, drug-free solution available to soothe the throat. You’ll get instant relief with physician developed, 100% safe Gargle Water® Salt Rinse. Discover the natural power of gargling with salt water today and help keep your family feeling healthy all year round!

Original shark from Sharktank

Kevin Harrington

Gargling with Salt Water

Soothe a scratchy throat

Salt pulls fluids from throat tissues, helping flush germs out. Its therapeutic effect soothes and relieves.

Part of a healthy routine

EXCITING MEDICAL RESEARCH has found that regular gargling may be effective in preventing upper respiratory infections among healthy people.

Gargling with salt water boosts oral health

It increases the healthy pH balance in your mouth, making it difficult for bacteria to survive. It also fights off germs after minor dental surgery and helps soothe a toothache.

The original gargle water

The only pH balanced Gargle Salt Water® available today

The Original Gargle Water® Salt Rinse

We make Gargle Water® with USP-grade ingredients and purified water. Guaranteed pH balanced and alcohol and drug free. Made with the optimum amount of salt solution for maximum benefit. You get the right ratio of salt to water without having to mix it yourself.

The Original Gargle Water® Pedia Salt Rinse

Kids need less saline when gargling with salt water. Our Pedia Salt Rinse is specially blended for children.

Questions on gargling with Salt Water

Why gargle with salt water?

For centuries, salt has been known for its healing properties. It can naturally sooth the throat, cleanse the mouth, and help control bad breath.

Is gargling with salt water recommended?

Yes, the Mayo Clinic and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) both recommend it to help relieve discomfort in the throat. Dentists also advise regular salt water rinses for oral health.

Can I swallow the salt water?

The purpose of gargling is to sooth and cleanse the throat. After gargling, you spit the rinse into the sink. However, if you do swallow some, it’s relatively safe.

How long should I gargle?

For preventative oral care, swish the rinse around your teeth and gums, oncea day for 30 seconds. To relieve an irritated throat, gargle every few hours as needed for comfort.

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