Gargling salt water, not cold medicine, may be the most effective sore throat home remedy available. The saline water soothes the throat and relieves pain. It acts as a magnet to draw germs out of the throat tissue, promoting healing. And a short gargle with salt water leaves your throat feeling clean and refreshed. It’s good health for the whole family.

If you’re tired of paying soaring prices for over the counter medications that don’t work, the Original Gargle Water® Salt Rinse is for you. Try it today!

The healthcare community has advised gargling salt water as a sore throat home remedy for years. WebMD and Healthline have recommended it to relieve a sore, dry throat. And recent medical research has found that gargling water daily can prevent upper respiratory infections in healthy people. With Gargle Water® Salt Rinse you don’t have to worry about the proper ratio of salt to water. And there’s no fussing with spoons and salt containers. Our 100% safe, natural saline solution comes readymade. Just pour about a quarter of a glass right out of the bottle. Easy daily gargling at your fingertips.


The Original Gargle Water® Salt Rinse was developed by a physician who understood the soothing powers of a salt water gargle. He loved the clean, refreshing feeling you get after gargling for just 30 seconds. And he wanted a natural way for people to get healthier. One without drugs or alcohol that was safe to use every day. But he felt that not enough people wanted to bother mixing the salt and water themselves. Gargling salt water daily meant having to mix the salt and water by hand before every use. People needed an easier way to get the lasting health benefits of a consistently mixed salt water gargle. So he decided to produce a salt solution available in a bottle. His work resulted in the Gargle Water® Salt Rinse you can get today. It’s the perfect mix of USP grade sodium chloride and clear purified water. And all you do is open and pour. No dirty spoons or salt containers in the bathroom. No messy mixing.



Now you can order Gargle Water® Salt Rinse easily online at Amazon or Walmart. You can also get Pedia Gargle™ for kids with a slightly less salty taste. Stock up on both to keep the whole family healthy. Remember, salt water is an effective sore throat home remedy.

Gargle Water® Salt Rinse is a drug and alcohol free solution that can be an integral part of a healthy, natural lifestyle. As Americans move toward a more holistic approach to healthy living, the whole person seeks balance in life. That includes the body, mind, spirit and emotions. The idea is that all people have innate healing powers. A good diet, exercise, and preventive care at home add up to healthier living.

Studies have shown that gargling salt water is a good sore throat home remedy. And gargling at least once a day naturally improves health and can prevent upper respiratory ailments. It cleans the mouth and makes it difficult for germs to survive. You start each morning with a fresh, clean feeling in your mouth that can stay with you all day long.

Gargle Water, Inc. is located in McKinney, Texas near Dallas-Fort Worth. We started in 2011, working hard to make the best salt rinse on the market today. We blend the perfect mix of pharma and USP grade sodium chloride with 100% purified water. In this way you get the clean, fresh oral health you deserve. It’s physician developed and drug and alcohol free. We hope you’ll try Gargle Water® Salt Rinse today and include it in your family’s program of regular oral care.